Dechmont and the Blackest of Rocks

posted 17 Jun 2014, 13:50 by John Redding   [ updated 17 Jun 2014, 14:03 ]
Two club championship races in quick succession saw athletes get their shoes muddy on the hills of Dechmont Law and then wash then clean in the waters off the coast of fife at Black Rock. A good turnout for both races saw the black,gold and blue of LAC with some fine performances. With some athletes now having already done the 5 qualifying races (and some more... Darren), the competition is hotting up at the top of the leaderboard to fine tune the next performances over the coming months for extra points.

Cumulative club championships after 6 events:

Paul Dudchenko              481pts                            Hilary Stocks                              498pts
Darren Dick                     476pts                            Jennifer Newton                           394pts
David Marshall                 391pts                            Jill Horsburgh                                296

Cumulative handicap after 6 events:
Paul Dudchenko         487pts                                  Hilary Stocks                               498pts
Darren Dick                484pts                                  Jennifer Newton                            396pts
Gerry McArdle            394pts                                  Jill Horsburgh                               297pts

Paul and Hilary remain at the top of both leader boards and both have completed 5 races to qualify. There is a bit of a break now to get back into some training for the end of summer/autumn events. The next race will be the club organised 1 mile race which will likely be towards the end of august. The date of this will be announce later

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John Redding,
17 Jun 2014, 14:03