Dumyat - Paul and Jennifer rise to the top

posted 8 May 2014, 14:23 by John Redding   [ updated 8 May 2014, 14:26 ]
A muddy hill in Stirling was the meeting point for the next round of the club championships. A number of LAC athletes made the evening journey up and down the well know Dumyat hill race. Some doing their first hill race (and perhaps their last!), Jill made her LAC debut looking good in the blue, gold and black stripe and others more seasoned hill runners looking to better previous attempts.


Top 3 males                                                        Top 3 Females
David Mason               43:47     100pts                  Hilary Stocks           01:00:59       100pts
Paul Dudchenko          44:46     99pts                   Jill Horsburgh            01:01:42        99pts 
Scott Hyslop               45:36     98pts                   Jennifer Newton        01:03:33        98pts   

Cumulative after 3 events:
Paul Dudchenko              286pts                            Jennifer Newton                              295pts
Darren Dick                     276pts                            Hilary Stocks                                 199pts
Bryan Grome                  274pts                            =Charlotte Fortune/Karen Duncan     100pts

Handicap series:
Top 3 Males
David Mason        100pts                                      Jill Horsburgh                                 100pts
Paul Dudchenko    99pts                                       Jennifer Newton                              99pts
Scott Hyslop         98pts                                       Hillary Stocks                                 98pts

Cumulative after 3 events:
Paul Dudchenko         290pts                                 Jennifer Newton                              297pts
Bryan Grome             287pts                                  Hilary Stocks                                 198pts
Darren Dick               281pts                                 =Karen Duncan/Jill Horsburgh           100pts

Next up is the West Lothian 5k on 21st May in Livingston. Entries are now open for this good local race. Check out the news section of the website for details

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John Redding,
8 May 2014, 14:23