Grangemouth 10k

posted 6 Apr 2014, 14:07 by John Redding   [ updated 6 Apr 2014, 14:09 ]
Another windy day at the club championships again brought out a number of LAC athletes with outstanding performances. Winter training has obviously gone well for many and the dreary winter miles are being rewarded with some spring smiles yet again. Whilst some athletes were fine tuning their London Marathon preparations others using the race as a chance to get the legs shifting.


Top 3 males                                                        Top 3 Females
John Redding               35:04     100pts                  Karen Duncan            42:39       100pts
Andrew Fischbacher     35:49     99pts                   Jennifer Newton          51:02        99pts 
Colin McCluskie           36:38     98pts                   Alison Marshall           54:36       98pts   

Cumulative after 2 events:
John Redding                  200pts                            Jennifer Newton          197pts
Colin McCluskie              196pts                            =Charly Fortune            100pts
David Marshall                 195pts                            =Karen Duncan            100pts

Handicap series:
Top 3 Males
Roddy Simpson    100pts                                      Karen Duncan            100pts
Gerry McArdle       99pts                                       Jennifer Newton          99pts
Colin McCluskie     98pts                                       Alison Marshall          98pts

Cumulative after 2 events:
Gerry McArdle         195pts                                  Jennifer Newton           198pts
Bryan Grome           192pts                                  =Hilary Stocks            100pts
Paul Dudchenko       191pts                                 =Karen Duncan            100pts

Next up is Dumyat on the Wednesday 7th May. Get yer hill shoes out

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John Redding,
6 Apr 2014, 14:07