Great Scottish Run

posted 12 Oct 2014, 11:23 by John Redding   [ updated 12 Oct 2014, 12:06 ]

On another great day for a road race, Glasgow was host to circa 30k people in the 10k and half marathon events. with a new route this year, the runners would face new challenges. Earlier in the 10k, David Marshall did himself and the LAC vest proud with his 30th place (out of more than 10,000 runners) with a massive pb of 36:17. Then on to the Half marathon event. With some household names involved, including the great Gabrselassie and Edna Kiplogat, the race was assured of a spectacle. However, whilst the great Haille was having a difficult day, pulling up just after the 3 mile mark, LAC runners put in some top performances. 

First home for the club was John Redding in 1:20:50 followed closely by an inform Scott Hyslop who just keeps getting better and better with his 1:26:38. John Smith also made it across the line under the 90 minute mark (1:28:31), with Kenny Leamy (1:30:29) just missing out. Some great performances too from Michal Sroka, Brian Couper, Darren Dick, Bryan Grome and Darren Robertson 

Four ladies for LAC, with Sarah Crewes first home in 1:48:09 and Alison Marshall bringing a 2nd PB home to the Marshall household with 1:50:15, Nadine McAlpine in 1:59:44 and Jennifer home in 2:09:15

We now have a new leader in the mens event as John Redding takes the summit for the first time with David and Scott hot on his heals. A very interesting climax in the handicap event as Scott continues to improve and taking the full 100 points on offer.

Another tight affair in the ladies event with 2 athletes on 396points in the handicap event. 

So with the marathon and Falkirk parkrun open until the end of November, will there be a flurry of activity in calendar park in these last few weeks? And who is in for Templeton? Scott Hyslop is, but is Gerry? It's hotting up with only 3 events to go.

Club championship current standings after 9 events (top 3)

Female                                                                                 Male

  1. Hilary Stocks                       498pts                               John Redding                   499pts
  2. Jennifer Newton                   491pts                               David Marshall                  495pts
  3. Jill Horsburgh                      396pts                                Scott Hyslop                     488pts



Female                                                                                 Male

  1. Hilary Stocks                       499pts                               Gerry McArdle                  494pts
  2. Jennifer Newton                  495pts                              Scott Hyslop                      493pts
  3. =Jill/Alison                            396pts                              Paul Dudchenko               487pts

If you have decided you have done your marathon/parkrun then get the times to me at

file below for full championship standings and results
John Redding,
12 Oct 2014, 12:10