LAC 2014 Club Championships 1 Mile Race

posted 8 Aug 2014, 13:08 by John Redding   [ updated 8 Aug 2014, 13:08 ]

This year’s race was held on the track at Livingston and provided a fitting venue for some great performances.  With LAC athletes in amongst some of Lothian Running Clubs members, there was some great strength in depth.

The first heat saw Charly, David, Scott, Angus, John and Gerry go head to head and it turned out to be a very close race with all 5 athletes sprinting across the white chalk in a mad 15 second window. Charly led the LAC pack and built on her lead impressively to be first home in 5:26. The rest of the boys were involved in a frantic finish that saw, in order, David, John, Angus, Gerry and Scott all finish with only 7 seconds separating 2nd and 6th.

After a minute to clear the athletes with their hands on knees catching breath, the 2nd heat quickly got on its way. Graham, Hilary and Darren paced themselves well going into the final 100m. The final placings looked all but secured until out of nowhere, Darren produced one of his now legendary sprint finishes to catch and beat Hilary by only a few 10ths of a second. Only Darren knows where he got that final burst of energy from.

Final results

  1. 1.       Charly Fortune                  5:26.4
  2. 2.       David Marshall                  5:34.0
  3. 3.       John Smith                          5:35.2
  4. 4.       Angus Gallie                       5:36.5
  5. 5.       Gerry McCardle                   5:37.8
  6. 6.       Scott Hyslop                       5:41.3
  7. 7.       Graham  Burrows              6:19.8
  8. 8.       Darren Dick                         6:29.1
  9. 9.       Hilary Stocks                       6:29.7

Club championship current standings after 7 events (top 3)

Female                                                                                 Male

  1. Hilary Stocks                       498pts                               David Marshall                  491pts
  2. Jennifer Newton                    394pts                               Angus Gallie                    485pts
  3. Charly Fortune                     300pts                                Gerry McArdle                  482pts



Female                                                                                 Male

  1. Hilary Stocks                       499pts                               Gerry McArdle                  494pts
  2. Jennifer Newton                    396pts                               Paul Dudchenko               487pts
  3. Jill /Charly                            =297pts                             Darren Dick                       485pts

Well done to all who took part, Next race on the agenda is the Stirling 10k on the 14th September. This is a fast and flat course and is open for entries.

file below for full championship standings
John Redding,
8 Aug 2014, 13:08