West Lothian 5k Results

posted 31 May 2014, 13:00 by John Redding   [ updated 31 May 2014, 13:00 ]
On to a sunny and calm evening in Livingston for the next round of the club championships. The West Lothian College 5k is a quirky local race and was well attended by Linlithgow vests. Some strong performances saw Charly take the win for the ladies and John a credible 3rd overall. David Marshall and Angus saw to 4 LAC vests in the top 10. The course would be described by Angus as "undulating" which as experience tells us (particularly anyone who has done Templeton 10 and heard the same phrase muttered) means that the race will be hard work. Well done to everyone who took part.


Top 3 males                                                        Top 3 Females
John Redding               17:28     100pts                  Charly Fortune          19:17       100pts
David Marshall             18:56     99pts                     Hilary Stocks           22:26        99pts 
Angus Gallie                19:37     98pts                    Jill Horsburgh            25:04        98pts   

Cumulative after 4 events:
Paul Dudchenko              383pts                            Hilary Stocks                              298pts
Darren Dick                     371pts                            Jennifer Newton                           295pts
John Redding                   300pts                            Charly Fortune                            200pts

Handicap series:
Top 3 Males
Roddy Simpson       100pts                                      Hilary Stocks                                100pts
Paul Dudchenko      99pts                                       Charly Fortune                                99pts
Darren Dick             98pts                                       Jill Horsburgh                                 98pts

Cumulative after 4 events:
Paul Dudchenko         389pts                                  Hilary Stocks                              298pts
Darren Dick                379pts                                  Jennifer Newton                            297pts
Bryan Grome              287pts                                  Jill Horsburgh                               198pts

So top 3 places changing after every race. Paul is keeping his nose ahead and Hilary has taken the lead for the ladies. Nextup is the Dechmont 10k on 8th June (next weekend). Entries are now open for this race which is organised by Lothian RC. Entries taken on the day too.

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John Redding,
31 May 2014, 13:00