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2015 Club Championship

College 5k and Dechmont 10k

posted 16 Jun 2015, 12:13 by John Redding

Another flurry of club championship activity saw races 5 and 6 come and go. first up was the west lothian college 5k followed by the Dechmont 10k trail race. some good performances and individual medals in these races. 

at the halfway point of the year, the current standings are as follows:

Male                                           Female
Angus Gallie    489                       Alison Marshall     493
Darren Dick     478                       Jill Horsburgh       396
David Marshall  298                      Jennifer Newton    290

In the Handicap competition the standings are:

Male                                          Female
Darren Dick       493                     Alison Marshall   496
Angus Gallie      475                     Jill Horsburgh     397
Gerry McArdle    296                     Jennifer Newton  297

The next race will be a club arrange 1mile race. details to be confirmed but most likely to be the first or second Thursday in August. 

Don't forget also that there are 3 "floating events" that can be done anytime before the end of October. Falkirk parkrun, any Marathon and any Half marathon. 

Full details of results on the attached spreadsheet

Black Rock 5

posted 18 May 2015, 13:59 by John Redding

Race 4 in the club championships saw athletes literally get their feet wet for a bottle of beer (with a bit of running in between). Always a popular race that sells out to capacity quickly every year. here are the club championship results:

Male                                       Female
David Marshall      100              Alison Marshall         100
Gerry McArdle        99               Jill Horsburgh            99
Angus Gallie          98                Rosemary Gallagher   98

which gives current standings after 4 events as

Male                                           Female
Angus Gallie 391                          Jill Horsburgh 297
Darren Dick 381                           Alison Marshall 293
Paul Dudchenko 289                    Jennifer Newton  290

Current handicap standings are:
Male                                           Female                                                                                                 Darren Dick 393                          Jill Horsburgh   298
Angus Gallie 390                          Alison Marshall 298
Paul Dudchenko 282                    Jennifer Newton  297

Next race on the calendar is West Lothian College 5k on 20th May. They're coming thick and fast

see attached document for complete results and standings


posted 18 May 2015, 13:43 by John Redding

Third race in the club championship calendar was a trip up and down Dumyat. Some good performances from LAC athletes and the championship results are:

Male                                                        Female
Paul Dudchenko      100                            Jill Horsburgh      100
Angus Gallie             99                             Jennifer Newton    99
Darren Dick              98
Graham Burrows       97

Which leaves the current standings as

Male                                                           Female
Angus Gallie              293                             Jennifer Newton         290
Paul Dudchenko        289                             Jill Horsburgh             198
Daren Dick               284                              Alison Marshall           193

in the handicap competition, the current standings are:

Male                                                       Female
Darren Dick          293                             Jennifer Newton            297
Angus Gallie         283                             Jill Horsburgh                199
Paul Dudchenko     282                            Alison Marshall              198

Grangemouth 10k

posted 28 Apr 2015, 13:24 by John Redding

The second race in the club championship calendar took athletes to this local, popular 10k race. There were some very fine performances from LAC athletes on what turned out to be good racing conditions over a flat course.

top 5 athletes in the club championships

Male                                                    Female
John Redding      100pts                       Lynne McGill            100pts
David Marshall     99pts                        Karen Outram            99pts
Ian Logan             98pts                       Jill Horsburgh             98pts
Scott Cockburn     97pts                      Jennifer Newton          97pts
Angus Gallie         96pts                       Alison Marshall           96pts

Top 5 athletes handicap event

Male                                                  Female
Colin Hutcheon       100                       Jennifer Newton          100
Darren Robertson     99                        Jill Horsburgh              99
Gerry McArdle          98                       Alison Marshall             98
Roddy Simpson       95
Darren Dick             96

Which means the current standings (top 5) are:
Male                                                   Female
Angus Gallie       194                           Alison Marshall      193
John Smith          194                           Jennifer Newton    191
Paul Dudchenko  189                            Lynne McGill         100
Darren Dick         186                           Karen Duncan        100
Bryan Grome       182                           Karen Outram         99

Well done to all. Full results are on the attached document.

next race is Dumyat hill race on Wednesday 6th May

Alloa Half Marathon

posted 22 Mar 2015, 08:07 by John Redding

Last weekend saw the first installment of this years club championships. Athletes put their endurance to the test on the scenic and undulation roads of Clackmannanshire. Previous years have seen many LAC athletes take on this tough race and the race itself has grown from year to year with around 2000 participants in 2015.

This year there were many strong performances and a number of personal bests showing all those dark winter training miles round the streets/hills and carparks of linlithgow have come to fruition.

In the mens race, 8 athletes completed the course. whilst the first 2 were separated by only 1 seconds (Michal Sroka and John Smith) their chips times were identical (01:27:50) and therefore both take maximum championship points. Angus Gaille came in third in 1:30:11 followed by Paul Dudchenko (1:34:20), Ian Campbell (1:36:02), Darren Dick (1:37:17), Bryan Grome (1:50:08) and Darren Robertson (1:58:32)

In the womens race, an outstanding half marathon debut saw Karen Duncan take 100 points in 1:36:23 with a close battle for 2nd between Nadine McAlpine (1:42:08) and Rosemary Gallagher (1:42:39).Alison Marshall showed her marathon training was going well with a PB in (1:47:02) followed by Sarah Crewes (1:47:25), Felicity Harrison (1:53:32) and Jennifer Newton (1:53:56)

So standings after the first event

Male                                                                            Female
Michal Sroka               100                                            Karen Duncan                        100
John Smith                  100                                            Nadine McAlpine                    99
Angus Gaille                 98                                            Rosemary Gallagher                98
Paul Dudchenko           97                                            Alison Marshall                        97
Ian Campbell                96                                            Sarah Crewes                          96
Darren Dick                  95                                            Felicity Harrison                      95
Bryan Grome                94                                            Jennifer Newton                       94
Darren Robertson         93

In the handicap event, again many good performances making use of that winter endurance. top three male and female are:

Ian Campbell              100                                              Alison Marshall                    100
Darren Robertson        99                                                Rosemary Gallagher            99
Darren Dick                98                                                Jennifer Newton                  98

all calculations are on the spreadsheet attached below.

So we've all shown our endurance, so next up is some speed at grangemouth for the round the houses 10k on 12th April. If you've not already entered here is the link

2015 Club Championships

posted 27 Jan 2015, 13:22 by John Redding

The club is delighted to announce the final details of the 2015 senior club championships.

To be eligible for the club championship prizes, you must complete 5 of the designated races.  100 points will be awarded for the first LAC athlete across the finish line, 99 for second and so on. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 highest scoring male and 3 highest scoring female athletes when all races have been completed. 

There will be 12 designated club championship races in the period of March 2015 to November 2015. The races are:


Alloa Half Marathon                        15th March 2015

Grangemouth 10k                           12th April 2015

Dumyat Hill Race                            6th May 2015

West Lothian 5k                               TBC (May 2014)

Blackrock 5                                      15th May 2015

Dechmont Law 10k                           7th June 2015

1 mile club race                                TBC (August 2014)

Stirling 10k                                        TBC (September 2014)

Any other half marathon                     Any time, to end October

Any Marathon                                    Any time, to end October

Falkirk Parkrun                                  Anytime, to end October

Templeton 10m                                  TBC (November)


The races have been selected to represent the feedback from club members and provide a variety of events spread across the year.  The events selected are, in the majority, local races that are easy to enter and represent the types of races that the current club members are targeting. Apologies if your favourite race is not in the list.

In the event of a tie, a head to head performance will be taken into consideration (first placed runner declared winner), followed by number of events completed (highest declared winner).

If an athlete completes more than 5 races, then the athlete’s best 5 will be taken into consideration.

It is an athlete’s responsibility to enter themselves for the designated races and cover the cost.


There will also be prizes awarded for the top 3 male and best female athletes based upon a handicap scoring system. The handicap for each athlete will be calculated before the first event of the year (Alloa half marathon) against the fastest 10k time by a senior athlete in 2014. Therefore, to be considered for the handicap prize you must provide your own personal fastest 10k time of 2014. If you do not have a 10k time, then please provide your fastest 5k time. If you have neither of these please get in touch. Your handicap time should be emailed to John Redding at under the subject “2015 club championship handicap”.

The handicap club championships was a very close run affair in 2014 as we had a number of athletes consistently improving over the racing season.

In the interests of being fair, open and honest if there is anyone who would like to know more about how the handicap will be calculated please contact John Redding at the above email address.

This year there will also be an individual male and female prize for the best age graded performance in the above races according to WAVA. This can only be calculated on standard race distances (i.e. 5k, 10k etc) therefore will not apply to Dumyat and Blackrock 5.

Good luck to all athletes.

2015 Club Championship

posted 20 Dec 2014, 14:33 by John Redding

A great prize giving evening to celebrate the end of the year and the prizes handed out for the 2014 senior club championship and handicap championship competition. Final standings are now published in the news section of this website.

So for 2015, the final details will be published early in the new year. In the meantime, all LAC members have an opportunity to provide feedback (both good and bad) about this years competition. What did you like?, What didn't you like? Do we have the right races? 

Please email me your feedback ( so that we can make next years event even better.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all. 

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