Alloa Half Marathon

posted 22 Mar 2015, 08:07 by John Redding
Last weekend saw the first installment of this years club championships. Athletes put their endurance to the test on the scenic and undulation roads of Clackmannanshire. Previous years have seen many LAC athletes take on this tough race and the race itself has grown from year to year with around 2000 participants in 2015.

This year there were many strong performances and a number of personal bests showing all those dark winter training miles round the streets/hills and carparks of linlithgow have come to fruition.

In the mens race, 8 athletes completed the course. whilst the first 2 were separated by only 1 seconds (Michal Sroka and John Smith) their chips times were identical (01:27:50) and therefore both take maximum championship points. Angus Gaille came in third in 1:30:11 followed by Paul Dudchenko (1:34:20), Ian Campbell (1:36:02), Darren Dick (1:37:17), Bryan Grome (1:50:08) and Darren Robertson (1:58:32)

In the womens race, an outstanding half marathon debut saw Karen Duncan take 100 points in 1:36:23 with a close battle for 2nd between Nadine McAlpine (1:42:08) and Rosemary Gallagher (1:42:39).Alison Marshall showed her marathon training was going well with a PB in (1:47:02) followed by Sarah Crewes (1:47:25), Felicity Harrison (1:53:32) and Jennifer Newton (1:53:56)

So standings after the first event

Male                                                                            Female
Michal Sroka               100                                            Karen Duncan                        100
John Smith                  100                                            Nadine McAlpine                    99
Angus Gaille                 98                                            Rosemary Gallagher                98
Paul Dudchenko           97                                            Alison Marshall                        97
Ian Campbell                96                                            Sarah Crewes                          96
Darren Dick                  95                                            Felicity Harrison                      95
Bryan Grome                94                                            Jennifer Newton                       94
Darren Robertson         93

In the handicap event, again many good performances making use of that winter endurance. top three male and female are:

Ian Campbell              100                                              Alison Marshall                    100
Darren Robertson        99                                                Rosemary Gallagher            99
Darren Dick                98                                                Jennifer Newton                  98

all calculations are on the spreadsheet attached below.

So we've all shown our endurance, so next up is some speed at grangemouth for the round the houses 10k on 12th April. If you've not already entered here is the link

John Redding,
22 Mar 2015, 08:07