College 5k and Dechmont 10k

posted 16 Jun 2015, 12:13 by John Redding
Another flurry of club championship activity saw races 5 and 6 come and go. first up was the west lothian college 5k followed by the Dechmont 10k trail race. some good performances and individual medals in these races. 

at the halfway point of the year, the current standings are as follows:

Male                                           Female
Angus Gallie    489                       Alison Marshall     493
Darren Dick     478                       Jill Horsburgh       396
David Marshall  298                      Jennifer Newton    290

In the Handicap competition the standings are:

Male                                          Female
Darren Dick       493                     Alison Marshall   496
Angus Gallie      475                     Jill Horsburgh     397
Gerry McArdle    296                     Jennifer Newton  297

The next race will be a club arrange 1mile race. details to be confirmed but most likely to be the first or second Thursday in August. 

Don't forget also that there are 3 "floating events" that can be done anytime before the end of October. Falkirk parkrun, any Marathon and any Half marathon. 

Full details of results on the attached spreadsheet

John Redding,
16 Jun 2015, 12:13