Massive PBs for Andrew and David at Edinburgh Parkrun

posted 31 Mar 2013, 13:22 by Matt Richardson   [ updated 31 Mar 2013, 13:26 ]
Congratulations to Andrew Fischbacher and David Marshall on sub-18 minute PBs, in Andrews case by some margin, at the Edinburgh parkrun on Saturday.  PBs were also forthcoming for long-standing club member Malcolm Hughes and Scott Hyslop.  Obviously the freezing conditions and occasional now flurries were no deterrent to fast times.  The number of PBs recorded again is phenomenal and follows a similar performance in the Grangemouth 10K, as good a testament as you could get to the hard work being put in by the athletes and the planning and structured training being provided by the coaches.  Well done all!

Andrew Fischbacher    17:32  (6th PB)
David Marshall             17:58 (12th PB)
Malcolm Hughes          19:49 (51st PB)
Scott Hyslop                20:50 (77th PB)
Matt Richardson           22:02 (114th)
Alison Marshall             24:37 (34th F)
Hilary Stocks                25:02 (37th F)