Senior Training

posted 11 Jun 2012, 15:40 by Matt Richardson   [ updated 11 Jun 2012, 15:41 ]
The adult training sessions now include regular structured speedwork on Thursday nights as well as the traditional group runs and some of our members are undoubtedly seeing the benefits in improved times, with a number of personal bests having been set this year.  Last Thursday we took advantage of the fact that the Peel was empty due to the damp conditions and used the '550m track' which is the path between the Palace and the Lowport centre.  This Thursday we will do continuous hill repetitions at Rosemount Park.  On the last Thursday of every month we run a handicap race which in summer is around the Loch, again starting and finishing in the Peel.  The distance is about 2.4 miles and being a handicapped race anyone can win.  Older juniors (14+) are welcome to compete and in fact  one of our junior runners won it two months ago.

All speedwork sessions are adapted to ensure that no-one is left on their own.  Distances of repetitions or recovery times can be adjusted to ensure that everyone gets something out of the sessions.

Tuesday night is group runs and again new runners are welcome.  Again we don't leave people behind.

For both Tuesday and Thursday nights we meet at 7:30 at the Lowport centre.