Want to run the country - this winter you can!

posted 28 Aug 2011, 15:32 by Matt Richardson   [ updated 6 Nov 2011, 09:36 ]
This year the club is taking part in the East District League at senior level and would like to invite juniors to compete.  Cross Country has something of a reputation for being hardcore and gruelling but has been going through something of a resurgence in West Lothian recently with the Active Schools programme.  Sure running about Scottish Countryside in the driving rain, mud, ice or snow is not everyones idea of fun but you might just grow to love it.  Anyway the dates for the East District League are as follows. 
Sat 15th Oct East League Stirling
Sun 20th Nov East League Livingston
Sat 14th Jan East League Broxburn
In general courses are little more than 1K for U11, 2.5K for U13 and 4K for U15.  Obviously it's a bit harder than running the same distance on the track and off road shoes are pretty essential, but if it's something that interests you please let me know.  I'll put some sign-up sheets out nearer the time.